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– Precision punched to exact diameter
– Single or Multi-Layer design
– Available in most mesh types
– Available in virtually any diameter

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Woven Wire Mesh Discs are used as part of the extrusion process in the following industries:

– Polymers
– Cable manufacturing
– Hose manufacturing

Metal Mesh Discs are manufactured using high grade woven wire meshes. Precision punched for a perfect fit and easy to install and remove.

The high grade stainless steel mesh provides optimal classification performance and batch-to-batch end-product consistency.

In addition we can also produce screen packs consisting of multiple layers of woven wire mesh that are spot-welded together.

Product Description

Typical Diameters Heaviest Wire Type SWG Heaviest Wire Type mm
Min. 8 – Max. 326 mm SWG 22 0.71mm

Laser Cut discs available in most diameters and mesh sizes