Perforated Metal Aluminium
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Perforated Metal Aluminium


– Top quality sheets
– Aluminium
– Sheet sizes 2000×1000 or 2500x1250mm
– Burr free, flat sheets
– Made in Europe – Premium Quality

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Perforated sheets can be used to benefit in many situations, e.g noise and weight reduction, air control, filtration or as a decorative finish. The varied qualities offered by perforated sheets make them ideal for sorting, screening, facades, ceilings, lamps, shelves, shielding, stairs and many other applications, far too many to mention!

Sefar Metal Mesh carries the largest range of stock sheets of perforated metals in Australia and New Zealand. We only offer premium quality, European made products, burr free, flat sheets that exceed industry standard. Stock sheets are available in a variety of materials, open area, material thickness and hole patterns, including Round / Square / Hexagonal / Slotted / Decorative and are used for various applications such as:

Thin perforated plates
• Railways, public works equipment and agricultural machinery: interior fitouts, air vents, running boards, footstools ..
• Equipment and industrial processes: wood industry, paper, foundry, chemical / petrochemical, food industry…
• Energy and electrical: Solar panel holders, racks, lighting, sound, heating…
• Environment: sorting, waste crushing, water treatment, acoustics…
• Building industry: railings, suspended ceilings, partitions walls, floors, protection, closings…

Thicker perforated plates
• Equipment and industrial processes: food industry (trommel screens, filter press…)
• Environment: waste crushing (wood industry, pneumatics…), washer plate, sorting…
• Railways, public works equipment and agricultural machinery: interior trim, air vents, running boards, footstools…
• Building industry: suspended ceilings, partitions walls, floors

Availability of tooling

We have virtually thousands of different tools and patterns available and ready for production. However, should we not have the tooling for the exact pattern you require our modern and well equipped tooling department is able to produce cost effective tooling, enabling us to supply perforated products exactly to your requirements. Please contact us for an obligation free quotation.

Product Description

Product ID Description Material Grade   Hole Type Hole size mm Pitch mm Open Area % Thickness mm Weight kg
PC5U8W PERF ALU 5Hx8Px2000x1000 SH ALU Square 5 8 39 1 4.00
PDEC2P PERF ALU DECx2000x1000 SH ALU Dec 2 DEC (blank) 46 1 3.00
PDEC2Q PERF ALU/GO DECx2000x1000 SH ALU/GO Dec 2 DEC (blank) 46 1 3.00
PDEC31P PERF ALU DECx2000x1000 SH ALU Dec 31 DEC (blank) 62 1 2.00
PDEC31Q PERF ALU/GO DECx2000x1000 SH ALU/GO Dec 31 DEC (blank) 62 1 2.00
PDEC31R PERF ALU/CA DECx2000x1000 SH ALU/CA Dec 31 DEC (blank) 62 1 2.00
PR2T3.5T PERF ALU 2Hx3.5Px2000x1000 SH ALU Round 2 3.5 30 1 4.00
PR3T5MA PERF ALU 3Hx5Px2000x1000 SH ALU Round 3 5 32 1 4.00
PR3T6P PERF ALU 3Hx6Px2000x1000 SH ALU Round 3 6 23 1.5 6.00
PR4T8X PERF ALU 4Hx8Px2000x1000 SH ALU Round 4 8 23 1.5 6.00
PR5T7U PERF ALU 5Hx7Px2000x1000 SH ALU Round 5 7 45 1.5 5.00
PR10T15Q PERF ALU 10Hx15Px2000x1000 SH ALU Round 10 15 40 2 7.00
PR10T15R PERF ALU 10Hx15Px2500x1250 SH ALU Round 10 15 40 2 10.00
PR15T20Q PERF ALU 15Hx20Px2000x1000 SH ALU Round 15 20 50 3 8.00