Brass woven wire mesh
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Woven Wire Mesh – Brass


– Brass Woven Wire mesh for decorative applications
– Available in rolls and cut pieces
– Standard roll widths 1220mm
– Other meshes available upon request

Woven Wire Brass Mesh

Woven wire brass mesh is available in rolls up to 30m in length and commonly in widths of 1220mm.  We can also produce woven wire meshes using special alloys and other weaveable materials to your specifications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Metal Mesh Woven Wire Mesh products are made from quality materials and manufactured to our specific requirements. Our range of woven wire brass mesh will exceed industry standards. Please note that any Brass product will change it’s surface appearance over time due to exposure to air (oxydation). Differences in surface finish can also be observed from roll to roll.

Woven Wire Brass Mesh products are commonly used in the following industries:

Architectural / Interior Design / Shopfittings / Partitions

Product Description

Product ID Description Material Grade Type Aperture mm Wire Dia. mm Mesh Imp SWG Open Area % Weight kg
WARKR002BR WWMA BRASS KROSS 2400×1200 SH BRASS SH 7.0X7.0 3.5X0.8 25 12.10
WB002-16-122 WWMM BRASS 10APx1.6Wx1220 RO BRASS RO 11.2 1.6 2 I/C 16 70 3.42
WB004-16-122 WWMM BRASS 4.7APx1.6Wx1220 RO BRASS RO 4.7 1.6 4 16 55 6.60
WB006-18-122 WWMM BRASS 3APx1.2Wx1220 RO BRASS RO 3 1.2 6 18 51 6.05
WB006-20-122 WWMM BRASS 3.3APx0.91Wx1220RO BRASS RO 3.3 0.91 6 20 61 3.27