Sieving Screen Filtration Mesh

Stainless Steel Bolting Cloth and Hollander Weave

Bolting Cloth in stainless steel is similar to a standard woven wire mesh, but with increased open area for high capacity sifting processes. This is achieved by using thinner diameter wires when weaving the mesh. Now also available in FDA compliant food grade materials.


Hollander Weave stainless steel filter cloth is used for fine filtration of liquid products.  It is available in Plain Weave or Twilled Weave (TW), also known as Plain Dutch Weave or Dutch Twilled Weave. In the Plain Weave the warp wires are stronger than the weft wires. The so-called Zero Mesh is created by positioning the weft wires as closely as possible together. The specific benefits are good flow rate and even precise openings.


The TW type Twilled Weave mesh is a product where the weaving process involves forcing the weft wires together during weaving. This type of mesh has double the number of weft wires compared to the Plain Dutch Weave, providing a particularly smooth surface for ultra fine filtration.

Stainless Steel Bolting Cloth and Hollander Weave are also commonly used for the manufacture of extruder discs

Stainless Steel Bolting Cloth and Hollander Weave Mesh are commonly used in the following industries:

Industrial / Environmental / Food & Beverage / Chemical & Pharma / Mining / Petrochemical